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  1. Journal of Architectural Research and Civil Engineering
  2. Journal of Architectural Design and Building Construction
  3. Journal of Engineering Surveying
  4. Journal of Water Resources and Environment Engineering
  5. Journal of Foundation Engineering
  6. Journal of Concrete Technology
  7. Journal of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Engineering
  8. Journal of Construction Technology and Project Management
  9. Journal of Structural Analysis
  10. Journal of Civil Engineering Transportation
  11. Journal of Advanced Engineering Geology


  1. Journal of Nanoelectronics Research and Applications
  2. Journal of Recent Advancements in Electronics and Electrical
  3. Journal of Telecom Engineering and Information Science
  4. Journal of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics
  5. Journal of Control Engineering and Instrumentation
  6. Journal of Satellite Communication and Broadcasting
  7. Journal of Wireless Communication and Computer Networking
  8. Journal of Signal and Image Processing Research
  9. Journal of Microfabrication and MEMS
  10. Journal of Microwave Engineering and Optoelectronics
  11. Journal of Photonics and Optical Communication
  12. Journal of Analog and Digital Electronics
  13. Journal of Semiconductor Devices and Integrated Circuits
  14. Journal of Advanced VLSI Design and Signal Processing


  1. Journal of Internet Technology and E-Commerce
  2. Journal of Nanotechnology Research in Computers and Information
  3. Journal of Multimedia Technologies and Recent Trends
  4. Journal of Web Technology
  5. Journal of Embedded Computer Systems Research
  6. Journal of Recent Advancements in Information Science and Technology
  7. Journal of Recent Advancements in Computer Science and Engineering
  8. Journal of Database Management Systems and Implementations
  9. Journal of Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence
  10. Journal of System Modeling, Simulation and Computer Graphics
  11. Journal of Computer Communication & Networks
  12. Journal of Operating Systems and Programming
  13. Journal of Computer Algorithms and Data Structures
  14. Journal of Computer Architecture and Scientific Computing


  1. Journal of Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Technology
  2. Journal of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
  3. Journal of Applied and Experimental Mechanics
  4. Journal of Mechatronics and Automation Research
  5. Journal of Machine Design and Applied Research
  6. Journal of Automobile Engineering and Applied Research
  7. Journal of Industrial Engineering and Safety Research
  8. Journal of Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration
  9. Journal of Micromechanics and Nanomechanics


  1. Journal of Polymers and Applied Polymer Composites
  2. Journal of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Research
  3. Journal of Petroleum Engineering and Emerging Technology
  4. Journal of Chemical Engineering Research
  5. Journal of Catalyst and Catalysis Research
  6. Journal of Surface Science and Coating Technology
  7. Journal of Nanomaterials and Chemical Process Technology


  1. Journal of Production Research and Quality Management
  2. Plant Biology Research Journal
  3. Physics Research Journal
  4. Statistics Research Journal
  5. Journal of Food Science Research and Technology
  6. Journal of Crop Science Research and Technology
  7. Journal of Herbal Science
  8. Journal of Dairy Science Research and Technology
  9. Veterinary Science Journal
  10. Journal of Colloid Science Research
  11. Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Research
  12. Journal of Nano
  13. Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Technology Research
  14. Journal of Space Research
  15. Remote Sensing and GIS Journal
  16. Journal of Biotech


  1. Journal of Nuclear Research
  2. Journal of Alternative Energy Research and Technologies
  3. Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering
  4. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Research


  1. Pharmaceutical Research Journal
  2. Pharmacology Research Journal
  3. Journal of Advanced Medicine Research
  4. Journal of Ayurveda Research
  5. Unani Medicine Journal
  6. Journal of Immunology Advanced Research
  7. Journal of Microbiology and Virology Research
  8. Toxicology Research Journal
  9. Journal of Medical Science and Technology Research
  10. Journal of Neuroscience Advanced Research
  11. Journal of Health Professions Research and Practice
  12. Journal of Advanced Life Sciences Research
  13. Journal of Dentistry Research


  1. Journal of Nursing Practice
  2. Journal of Community Nursing Research
  3. Journal of Emergency Nursing Research
  4. Journal of Addictions Nursing Research
  5. Journal of Cardiac Nursing Research

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